Upgrading Joomla, Recommended Extensions

I’m in the middle of upgrading a bunch of stuff on the website to the latest versions. The website is Joomla based, because at the time I created it, Joomla looked like the best option for integrating a CMS with a shopping cart. Of course, nowadays I’d probably use something WordPress based, as it seems to be improving much faster and has a larger community than Joomla.

Of course, as part of that process, I have to do a bunch of testing. It amazes me that there seems to be very little use of staging environments  for common CMS and shopping cart platforms. The attitude seems to be: “install the software or update on your production server, then go back to a backup if there’s a problem.”

(Also, much of the Joomla/Opencart documentation suggests uploading by FTP. I’m not sure if people are really still using File Transfer Protocol in this day and age, or if the meaning has drifted (like GIF), and people really upload stuff to their server over an encrypted channel, the sensible way.)

Some Joomla extensions I use and can recommend:

Recommended Mijoshop/Opencart extensions:

I’ve got a few others that I’m evaluating to help regain some of the functionality lost in the upgrade process.