Automatically Posting to Google+

If,  like me, you use SmarterQueue to automatically schedule your social media posts, you may be frustrated by the fact that it doesn’t support Google Plus yet.  They’ve been promising Google+ support for a few months now, but it has yet to arrive. Now, I’m not particularly a big fan of Google+, but I’m a believer that when Google offers you something, you should take it, in order to improve your footprint and visibility in their search engine results and the rest of their software.

Google+ posting seems to be unsupported by several similar platforms: Meet Edgar, Viraltag, Autogrammer, and RecurPost all do not support Google+.

Fortunately, I found a free technique for scheduling Google+ posting that works with all of them. It requires the following:

  • A Zapier account at the free level
  • A Buffer account at the free level, with your Google+ page connected

Here’s how it works: Zapier will automatically detect when you’ve posted to one of your social media accounts. It will then take that post, re-format it, and put that post in your Buffer queue for Google+. Buffer will then post the content to Google+.

In my case, I wanted to re-post my Facebook content to Google+. I created a Zap using the “Add new Facebook Pages posts to a Buffer queue” template. Zapier mostly steps you through the process, but I did have to do some tinkering on the “Set up Buffer Add to Buffer” step to get things to come out like I wanted. This may require looking at some sort of “advanced options”, I don’t really remember. Anyway, the key changes I made are to the Text field, which brought in most of the text  and link from the Facebook post and made it look reasonable. Also, I set the post to update “now” instead of being added to the Buffer queue.


If you’re stuck waiting for SmarterQueue or any of the others to support Google+, this is a reasonable workaround.


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