Storage Case Rack


Following up on my earlier post on parts organization and storage, I’ve been organizing a lot of my miscellaneous hardware and parts into Harbor Freight/StoreHouse cases. These are not the highest quality cases, but at only $6.99 per slim case with coupon  or $9.99 for the thick cases with coupon, I don’t think I’ve gone too far wrong. I also ended up buying a few of the half-width cases because they come loaded with more of the smallest size part cups. I’ll end up using these for other storage tasks around the house, like a first aid kit and cases for my daughter’s art supplies.

I built a rack to hold all the cases. It’s based on the design by n3lud. By fortunate coincidence, his design fits 13 slim cases and 2 thick cases, exactly the number of cases I have to hold all of my hardware.

You can download the Sketchup design for this from 3D Warehouse.

Note that if you’re going to make this yourself, be careful to measure the actual thickness of the materials and adjust the design accordingly. I had a couple things that didn’t fit exactly right and also ended up having to modify all the 1×3 boards, which ate up a bunch of time. If I had to do it over again, I’d make the top and bottom plywood pieces a bit wider.




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