Parts Organization and Storage

Ever since seeing Adam Savage discuss his Sortimo T Boxes, I’ve been looking at similar storage cases. All of the boxes listed below have a carrying handle, snap closed, have clear tops so you can see your parts without opening the case, removable bins (not just removable dividers) so you can customize the storage to your needs AND remove an individual bin for working elsewhere. The better quality, more expensive ones, like Sortimo and Raaco will retain parts better when they’re held like a briefcase by the handle. The cheaper ones, like StoreHouse,  might have a softer, slightly warpable lid which allows small thin parts like washers and roll pins to escape into another bin.

Most manufacturers below make more than one box. They come in various depths, with different features.

Mr. Savage’s original video showing the Sortimo boxes:


These are considered top quality and have a price to match. They retail for about $48 just for the empty box or $60 when populated with bins.

These are also re-branded by Bosch in the US and sell for slightly less.

Discussion thread regarding Sortimo boxes.

Sortimo Website.


Allit Modular Storage Cases

These come in both “Economy” and “Professional” grades with a corresponding difference in price and quality.

Available on the Lee Valley website.


Stanley FatMax Organizers

The Stanley website doesn’t seem to have all of the cases that are available, so you may want to check Google Shopping, Amazon, etc. for all models. These seem to be medium price & quality.



The first time I saw in parson someone use a handled, clear top, removable bin case, it was a DeWalt case owned by Mike Jeffries of the BattleBots team Chaos Corps. I also noticed at Dragon Con this year that these boxes were popular among Magic the Gathering players for storing cards.

Note that the internal handle slot takes away space from the bins.

These seem to be medium price & quality like the Stanley ones.

Organizers on the DeWalt website.


StoreHouse (Harbor Freight)

The king of the low end, these are available at everyone’s favorite cheap tool store, Harbor Freight. The medium size cases are available for as little as $6 during a sale or with a good coupon.

Like the DeWalt, the internal handle slot takes away space from the bins.



These are the only ones I have had a significant amount of hands on experience with. I bought cases of each size recently to compare them. The Small and Medium have interchangeable bins.

These do get the job done, but I am afraid of small thin parts jumping between bins as the bin walls are warped, and the top doesn’t get a very good positive lock on them. Still, they do get the job done. I especially like the small size bins, which many of the other midrange designs don’t have.


Internal handle. Another mid-range entry. The non-rectangular shapes in the corners are a little strange.

The Stack On website.


Marko Tools

This appears to be a  UK centric brand and looks just like the StoreHouse cases, but redder.

Other names these cases are sold under include “Sealey”. A Google Image search also turns up pictures of these cases in purple.

Available on Amazon.





This appears to be another high end brand similar to Sortimo. Their Boxser and Carrylite lines both have clear lids and removable bins.  These are mostly available in the UK.

The removable bins are translucent. I’m not sure if I like that. It seems like it would reduce the contrast with any parts that are inside.

The Raaco website.



They sell several  StoreHouse clones under this brand name, as well as the ones shown below with an outside handle. According to the Tactical Wargaming blog, the bins are compatible with Raaco.

They’re available from MCM Electronics.


Next, I’m going to look into getting a rack for my storage cases.

Any I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Edit: some brands just discovered: Milwaukee, Husky, Keter, and Alutec.



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