Getting a fax number for your startup or small business

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally someone will prefer to send us a fax rather than an e-mail. Rather than dealing with the hassle of owning a fax machine, filling it with supplies, and keeping it hooked up to a dedicated phone line, I use  MaxEmail. MaxEmail is a great choice for a startup or small businesses that needs basic fax service. It looks more professional for most businesses to have a fax number on their website or marketing literature  and you won’t be caught out the next time a customer asks for your fax number.

When a customer sends a fax to our MaxEmail number, it ends up as a PDF in my email inbox. I can also view my faxes through their management console.

I use MaxEmail’s “lite” service, which is only $2 a month. You don’t get your choice of phone number or even area code with that level, but does anyone really pay that much attention to area codes on a fax number anyway?

At that price, it’s worth it for my business to have a fax number. The truth is, though, that most of the faxes we receive are spam.

Still, if you need basic fax service, I highly recommend MaxEmail.


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