First week with Freshdesk

As previously mentioned, I have been looking around for an easy way to manage pre-sales and support e-mails.
At the recommendation of the folks on the forums, I tried looking into the packages that are sold as part of the “helpdesk” category. This seems to be a more fruitful path, and I’ve been answering most of my support e-mail through Freshdesk this week.
It’s been reasonably easy to get things done, though I miss some features from my e-mail client like easily saving attachments, formatting, adding screenshots, and the like.
The biggest dissapointment is the lack of a “remind me to follow up” feature. This I really need for those people who seem like the most solid prospects, but aren’t ready to order just yet. This is a very CRM-like feature, and I’m having trouble finding a helpdesk that supports this.


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