Help Deciding on a Material Thickness


In a previous post, I showed you a little bit about how to choose a material. I’ve found in my work at Big Blue Saw that many people have trouble deciding on a thickness as well.

If you don’t have a set of calipers or a micrometer with which to gauge the thickness of the material you would like to use, you can use common household objects instead. Use chart below to get a feel for various thicknesses. You could also use any of these objects to measure existing parts.

For thicker measurements, stack several parts together. For example, 3 CDs are 3 X 1.2 mm = 3.6 mm or 0.142 inches thick.

Inches Millimeters
Dollar bill 0.0043 0.1092
#9 Standard Razor Blade 0.009 0.2286
#12 Heavy Duty Razor Blade 0.012 0.3048
Credit Card 0.030 0.76
CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray Disc 0.047 1.2
US Dime 0.053 1.35
US Penny (Cent) 0.060 1.52
US Quarter 0.069 1.75
US Nickel 0.077 1.95
Canadian Polymer Banknote 0.004 0.091
Canadian 10 Cents 0.048 1.22
Canadian Cent 0.057 1.45
Canadian 25 Cents 0.062 1.58
Canadian Dollar 0.069 1.75
Canadian 5 Cents 0.069 1.76

Table of material thicknesses



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