Why choose waterjet cutting and what it can do

Waterjet cutting offers several advantages over other machining technologies:

1. Lower cost. Waterjet parts are typically cut from sheet or plate material and require no special clamps, fixtures or tool changes. This translates to quicker production and lower cost.

2. Wide variety of materials supported. Waterjet cutting be used on most metals, many plastics, wood and stone. It can be used to cut many materials that would be difficult to machine using other methods, such as heat treated alloy steel.

3. No heat-affected zone. Machining methods like laser cutting and EDM heat the material and the parts will need to be heat treated again after machining. Waterjet cut parts retain their heat treatment when cut. This means that you can start with pre-heat treated material and keep your costs down.


I’ve been running Big Blue Saw for a few years now. When people ask me what I do, I explain that I help people make custom parts out of metal, plastic, or wood. Their next question is usually “Who would need that?” or “What kinds of things do people want?” At Big Blue Saw, we have dealt with thousands of applications for waterjet cut parts. Here is a just a partial list of the types of applications we have seen:

3D printer frames

Animal cages

Arcade game joystick mounts

Bicycle dropouts

Business cards

Computer casemods

Control panels


Dashboard panels for airplanes and airplane simulators

Dashboard panels for cars

Desk nameplates

Drain covers

Electronic bus bars

Electronics enclosures

Fighting robot frames

Fine art

Fireworks control panels

Fixtures for science experiments

“Free energy” machines


Go kart frames

Ground straps

Guitar capos

Guitar frames

Guitar pick guards


Head gaskets

Heat sinks

Industrial controls

Industrial HVAC equipment

Kite fabric templates

Knife blanks

Lighting fixtures

Machining fixtures

Motor mounting brackets

Motorcycle dogbones

Movie props

Nixie clocks

Oil pipelines

Painting jigs

Prop replicas

Rope belaying devices


Sporting goods


Test tube racks


Ventilation registers

Video monitor brackets

Wedding cake toppers


Windmill contactors


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