Joomla problems with HTTPS

Recently I set up a new Joomla 3.1 website with MijoShop.
I noticed a bunch of minor problems using this setup with HTTPS on the backend. For example, the website would force me onto insecure pages and settings mysteriously wouldn’t save.

I tried a variety of fixes, but nothing seemed to fix the problem entirely. The best solution was to set the administrator to user SSL only: Global Configuration | Server | Force SSL: Administrator Only. At one point, however, this made it so that I couldn’t log in to the back end: I was continuously shown the login page with no error messages when I entered my username and password.Finally, I came across this simple solution. In configuration.php in the Joomla root install directory, change

    public $live_site = '';


    public $live_site = '';

this fixed the problem.


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