Troubles with MijoShop

I decided to try out MijoShop as a Joomla shopping cart. In general it’s quite nice, as it’s based on OpenCart and support’s most of OpenCart’s extensions. Installation and configuration was fairly easy, and I managed to work out how to add products to the catalog and to the shopping cart programatically.

However, there’s a fairly serious problem with the way it creates users. When a customer goes to check out, it creates a Joomla user for any customer who wants to register. So far, so good. But it tries to add the user to Joomla with a username based on the customer’s first name + the user’s last name. So if  you have two customers with the same name (not uncommon) or a customer who decides to re-register with a new e-mail address (also not uncommon), MijoShop will create two Joomla users with the same username. This can cause all kinds of problems with logins and compatibility with other modules.

I may end up modifying MijoShop to work the way Virtuemart does: creates the Joomla user with a username based on the customer’s e-mail address. This is a much more reliable scheme.

[UPDATE] It turns out that the Joomla username comes from the e-mail address after all. Mijosoft tech support told me otherwise.


Gantry LESS files and Dropbox are eating up my disk space

I’m using a template based on the Gantry framework. There are a few posts like this one complaining about Ganry creating a bunch of gantry_less* files in /tmp and filling  up the disk.

I also use Dropbox to do backups (after properly encrypting the files, of course). Again, it makes a bunch of files in the /tmp directory and eventually fills up disk space.

Rather than trying to diagnose the Dropbox problem (last time I looked, I couldn’t find a solution) or fix the Gantry code, I just delete the old files on a regular basis. This seems to do the trick.

I put the following script in /etc/cron.hourly:

find /tmp/ -daystart -maxdepth 1 -type f -mmin +240  -name "*" -exec rm -rf  {} \;
find /tmp -daystart -maxdepth 1 -mmin +240  -name ".*" -exec rm -rf  {} \;

Joomla problems with HTTPS

Recently I set up a new Joomla 3.1 website with MijoShop.
I noticed a bunch of minor problems using this setup with HTTPS on the backend. For example, the website would force me onto insecure pages and settings mysteriously wouldn’t save.

I tried a variety of fixes, but nothing seemed to fix the problem entirely. The best solution was to set the administrator to user SSL only: Global Configuration | Server | Force SSL: Administrator Only. At one point, however, this made it so that I couldn’t log in to the back end: I was continuously shown the login page with no error messages when I entered my username and password.Finally, I came across this simple solution. In configuration.php in the Joomla root install directory, change

    public $live_site = '';


    public $live_site = '';

this fixed the problem.